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About Me

I'm an Administrative & Accounting Activities Assistant in Bologna Local Government Authority from 1999.

I worked on:
Management Accounting Tax (VAT, Regional Tax on Productive Activities, Obligations of "withholding agents") and related statements; regulatory update on taxes, consulting and training for municipal structures. Management accounting, tax and employment of external collaborators. Evaluation of the impact of fiscal municipal initiatives.
Regularity controls accounting, verification of the legality of acts and contracts, application of the agreements between the Municipality and Unions relating to contract workers.
Administrative management of curricular internships and job training and guidance (stage).


Currently I work on:
Retirement management practices: union of useful contributions for the pension, recognition of periods of contributions, pension claims, complementary pension.


Relational Skills:
I have a good ability to derive a significant amount of information from my interlocutors, by even one brief conversation, playing the general context in which the sentences are expressed and taking advantage of my general knowledge of the society.
In particular:
During the period of work in the trade I got to treat directly the relationships with customers and suppliers of the company, having the opportunity to get to know the needs of market participants and to implement a comprehensive trade policy. My work experience in the field of public administration led me
first to interact with workers involved in the organization and management of cultural events (concerts and shows), then in working groups established both within the municipal structure that with the involvement of outside consultants to handle certain goals (ex .: project the introduction of the Euro, supervision and management of professional appointments etc ...). In work carried out at the insurance office I found synergy in the relationship with users, consisting mostly of people who, either by age, both for the complexity of the regulations concerned, that emotion that binds one person at the time of retirement require a
relationship of trust with those who care of its interests.


Personal skills and competences:

I cultivate interest related to the study and deepening in the following fields:

  • Neurolinguistic programming;
  • Theory of institutions;
  • Analysis of the impact of regulation;
  • Social psychology;
  • Computing in general.


Computer Skills:
 Operating Systems: 

  • MS Windows (up to version 8);

Management Software:

  • Ms Office ver. 2013 , Lotus Smartsuite ver. 9, Corel Office ver. 12, Adobe Acrobat Professional ver. 9, OpenOffice ver. 4.1;

Accounting software:

  • SAP R / 3, Account Pro ver. 7.69;

Software Vector Graphic:

  • Corel Draw ver. 12, AutoCad ver. 13, 3D Studio ver. 6.0 Real Draw Pro ver. 5.4;

Software Digital Graphics:

  • Adobe Photoshop ver. 6.0, Jasc Paintshop Pro ver. 8.0, Gif Animator Pro, ACDSee ver.7.0, some programs morphing-warping, photomontages and photoalbums;

Internet and Electronic Mail:

  • Ver.6 Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator ver. 6, Mozilla Firefox ver. 1.5, MS Outlook ver. 2003 Lotus Notes ver 6, Mozilla Thunderbird ver. 1.5;

Other Programs:

  • Key Label Designer, Label Designer Plus Deluxe ver. 8 (creation of labels and barcodes), Master Gold (Billing and Inventory Control), EasyReg 2000, Eviews, VisualStat (statistical and econometric software), WinZip ver. 10, WinRAR ver.3.4 (softwares data compression), Filemaker Pro ver. 7 (managing archives and databases), Stata (statistical and econometric software);

Programming Languages:

  • Cobol, Pascal, Visual Basic ver. 5.0, Visual C ++ Ver.6.0, Html, Visual Studio.


In the tax field:

  • the VAT in Local Authorities;
  • Annual Statement and news on the VAT in the year 2000;
  • The new tax rules on the relationship of coordinated and continuous;
  • The discipline of VAT in the public building sector;
  • The tax treatment of the remuneration of self-employment and reimbursement of expenses paid to non-residents, in accordance with international conventions;

  • News and fiscal equalization of 2001 year-end;
  • VAT obligations in operations within and outside the EU;
  • VAT update for the Year 2004;
  • Contracts of coordinated and continuous collaboration and selection systems in public employment;
  • Model 770: obligations of tax substitution;
  • Reimbursement of personal costs in companies;
  • Contracts of self-employment, and occasional parasubordinated in Public Administration;
  • Staff: Law Decree "Brunetta" and the 2008 Budget.

In the economics- law field:

  • Internet and Law: problems and solutions;
  • Commercial relations with foreign countries: customs issues;
  • The Interpretation of the Budgets;
  • The Financial Management extended;
  • Competitive business strategies;
  • The Reform of the Retirement System;
  • Basic Training Course on Retirement and Pensions INPDAP for Managers and Operators newly nominated;
  • The start of complementary pensions in public employment. The Fund Perseo;
  • New pension treatments of Public Employees;
  • Reconstruction of Insurance Positions using "PASSWEB".

In the management - organizational field:

  • Techniques for Problem Solving;
  • The Management Relationship of Customer-User;


  • Recorder Data Officer at Terminal Evolved, (with full merit obtained during the course of the Military Service in the Navy);
  • Course in self-learning "Net Surfer - Search Information Network";
  • Course for "Fire Safety Officer - high risk";
  • Training course "Health First Aid".


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  • High university studies in Planning and Management Control for Local Authorities to the University of Bologna - Hub scientific teaching of Forlì.


  • Degree in Economics, Markets and Institutions to the University of Bologna.


  • Graduated as Accountant, Commercial Expert and Computer Programmer.