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Publications (in italian language)

For the Magazine: "Azienditalia" - publisher Ipsoa Wolters Kluwer Italy LTD

  • "The municipal Collaborations".
  • "Iva: Interventions of recovery and Works of urbanization".
  • "E-Commerce and VAT Taxability".
  • "The Contribution of Commons in favor of institutions and enterprises."
  • "The Tax in Acts public".
  • "Sales of goods in Scope Commercial".
  • "Telematics Contracts: some tax issues."
  • "Activities Sponsorship: the income."
  • "The publishing activities in the Local Administation: Reflections Tax".
  • "Tax and Accounting Documents in electronic format."
  • "The effects of the legislation on copyright for local authorities."
  • "Reimbursement of expenses to natural person: an overview of the tax treatment."
  • "The Completion courses in local government."
  • "Professional appointments: distinguishing criteria of the employment relationship."


For the Magazine: "Diritto e Diritti" - Electronics Law Review - published at https://www.diritto.it, ISSN 1127-8579 :

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